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  The CBSI Payroll Processing module is an efficient tool to process payroll for salaried and /or hourly employees, producing checks, internal cost allocation reports and information needed to pay tax deposits, prepare quarterly reports, and at the year's end, issue W2's. It interfaces with General Ledger to avoid duplication of effort

The CBSI Payroll Processing module is used to :

  • Maintain the Employee Master Files which includes name, address, taxing information, pay rate, pay frequency, start date, last raise date, birth date, up to fifteen scheduled payroll deductions, 401K plan participation, 
    M-T-D, Q-T-D and Y-T-D earnings with taxes and deductions

  • Enter and edit time tickets

  • Enter manual checks

  • Calculate gross pay, taxes, deductions and net pay

  • Print Edit/Check Registers, departmental, deduction and direct deposit reports for each pay period

  • Print checks

  • Maintain a check history and check reconciliation

  • Calculate the amount of tax deposit for each payroll

  • Accumulate information, print PA UC employee quarter list and generate reports for quarterly tax report preparation

  • Print W2's at year end

  • Post Payroll to General Ledger

The features of Payroll Processing module include:

  • Multiple state and local taxes can be calculated, flat or a graduated table

  • Checks may be company formatted  to allow for customization

  • Five other pay codes in additions to OT & DT, fifteen scheduled deduction codes and five miscellaneous deduction codes are available

  • Employee lists and labels can be printed

  • Tax tables can be easily updated as tax rates change

  • Non-taxable reimbursement can be included in the check without adding to taxable gross wages




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