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Job Management:

The CBSI Job Management module has three primary functions, estimate preparation, job cost accumulation and product scheduling. Since it is interfaced with Inventory, Bill of Material and Standard Product Routing modules, Job Management has all the information necessary to calculate material, setup and running cost of an item for either estimating or creating a job cost budget. It also reserves materials required by a job and relieves inventory as materials are consumed and production is reported.

The CBSI Job Management module is used to: 

  • Enter and edit estimates

  • Print estimates

  • Enter and edit jobs

  • Print work sheets and picking lists for jobs

  • Enter actual materials consumed, time spent and subcontracted costs into the job cost record

  • Compare actual job cost to budget for job

  • Determine work in process value

The features of the CBSI Job Management module include: 

  • Access customer by number or part of the name

  • Access item by number or part of the description

  • Prepare estimates on five quantities simultaneously

  • Assign profit margin to each quantity in an estimate and calculate the respective selling price

  • Print both internal estimate detail and customer quote

  • Selectively schedule manufactured components necessary to produce the scheduled parent item

  • Display job cost comparison to budget

  • Job progress report showing each material, labor and subcontract cost source

  • Display or print schedule for selected work centers up to a specific date



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