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Inventory Management:

   The CBSI Inventory Control module contains information pertinent to each item, such as description, source of supply, cost, price, usage, etc. for each item in the inventory data base. It maintains an up - to - date inventory status with quantity on hand, quantity reserved for customer orders and quantity on order from suppliers being automatically updated as a by-product of working in other CBSI modules.

    The module is designed to be very easy to use. the ability to look up items by description eliminates the need to refer to long lists of items to find the part number. Use of the up and down keyboard arrows allow correction of mistakes without losing the information already entered correctly.

The Key features of the Inventory Management module include: 

  • 20 character item number

  • 20 character substitute item number

  • Item description of 32 characters with optional unlimited text for use in purchase orders, customer orders, and invoices

  • List price that can be discounted based upon quantity and /or customer

  • Warehouse storage assignment for each item

  • Quantity and minimum stock level

  • Automatic unit of measure conversion from purchase

  • Physical inventory sheet sorted by warehouse location

  • Accumulate sales for the month and year in units and dollars together with cost of sales

  • Reorder report to prompt purchasing

  • Source of supply reference for each item with each vender's description or part number

  • Automatic update of last cost and average cost per unit when receiving to inventory

  • Inventory report showing value at last, average and standard cost

  • Transaction file to trace transactions that affect quantity

  • Print product labels 



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